My Hello Kitty joy!

I have to share with everyone how great my day at work was today …

Republished from the ThisNext blog …

One of the many perks involved with being is a ThisNext Maven is getting awesome product freebies to test drive for ThisNext. I never thought as a ThisNext community manager that I would get the same perk … from a ThisNext Maven no less!

ThisNext Maven ShirleyTemple gifted me, the fabulous FashionKitty, with a box full of Hello Kitty goodies! If you could have seen my face when I opened the package full of earrings, necklaces, an awesome watch, belts and belt buckles, key chains, and rings … you would have seen what pure freaking joy looks like.

I could not possibly find the words to express my gratitude so what I did was put every (well almost every) present from the box on. Looks hot right?

And a HUGE thank you to ShirleyTemple for being so generous. You are beyond awesome.


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