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It’s hard to believe that anything family-related would embrace such a terrible little hellion like myself. But for some reason Disney Family decided that they would take their chances and asked me for fashion advice. Check out this post from Family Disney’s blog where I handed out advice on beauty and how to not look like a hot mess when you are a Mom.

I’m not cool. But I have cool friends. One of THE coolest people around is my friend Lauren Messiah. Lauren is the fashion and beauty expert also known as “Fashion Kitty”. One of the reasons I listen to Lauren is because she gives me the scoop on the “hot” in fashion and beauty trends…and then she tells me how a 40-ish mom can adapt the latest trends in a realistic way. I asked Lauren for some of fashion and beauty tips for Spring.

Fashion Kitty’s Advice for Quick and Easy Beauty Products

Benefit’s Benetint
“This product isn’t new but it’s new to my beauty bag. You can use it as a cheek stain and lip stain. It looks scary being all red and liquidy in the bottle but it looks fabulous on, you just dab a little on your cheeks and rub lightly or sweep some on your lips and cover with a clear gloss.”

Neutrogena’s The Wave
“Another product that is actually for cleaning off your beautiful make up is Neutrogena’s The Wave. I love this thing! It has seriously changed my face. This inexpensive little buzzing machine gets all of my make up off while busting through blemishes and blackheads. Great buy and a super-easy way to wash your face.”

Fashion Kitty’s Advice for Moms Who Aren’t Quite Ready for Mom Jeans
Rachel Pally Sailor Pant
“Mom jeans” are often worn by mothers because they are comfortable. For a comfortable alternative to “mom jeans” let me suggest a nice knit pant from Rachel Pally. I really love the sailor pants that she offers (Oprah loves them too) and all of her pieces are really comfortable and well made options too.”
“I also suggest throwing on a nice jersey dress. I call them “throw and go” dresses — they always look great and don’t wrinkle. The best part about wearing a dress for a mom is that they are easy to wear and make you look fabulous. Perfect mom outfit … jersey dress with a wide sleeve, ballet flats, a roomy tote, and a great pair of sunglasses.”
If you want beauty and fashion tips that you can actually use, visit Lauren at her blog or over at This Next.

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  1. Fashion Kitty – I love you and I’m a mom. Glad to see you are the one chosen to dole out advice to Mamas that have a tough time choosing hip looks. Meow!

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