Dear Fashion Kitty, Striped Socks

I have been following your blog cos I just love the clothes in Gossip Girl! Thanks for putting them up and offering cheaper alternatives! I totally like Serena’s outfits and am so happy you covered it.

I just have a fashion question for you …

My friends bought for my birthday, a pair of knee high horizontally-striped socks that are in the colors of red, pink, purple and white! (I have attached the picture!) I have no idea how to pair them and was hoping if you could offer some suggestions on what I could wear with that! Plus what kind of shoes? It is part of a dare and I’m kind of worried I will end up looking like a fashion disaster!

Sweet socks! I am a huge fan of wacky socks but it isn’t always easy to work them into outfits. But if you wear them while feeling like a self-confident bad ass you won’t look like a fashion disaster. Here are some outfit ideas for you. Oh and as for shoes … the chunkier the better. Trying to stuff your socked foot into a delicate pair or pumps or stilettos will have you looking like a hot mess.

1.) Business “extra” casual- When I first looked at those socks I immediately thought about my Betsey Johnson ruffled mini skirt. I would wear that and pair it with a fitted blazer — kinda like this.

2.) Peeking out of Boots-
I can’t tell exactly how high those socks go but in the Fall/ Winter they would look cute pulled over a pair of skinny jeans with tall boots. You will be able to see just enough of the socks. Top it off with a cozy sweater and you have an awesome look.

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