Dear Fashion Kitty, Rachel Pally Backless Dress

I am searching for the Rachel Pally Backless Dress. Any ideas where I might purchase for my daughter?

Ever since I posted the Rachel Pally backless dress on ThisNext I have gotten dozens of emails asking “Where can I get that?” Here is the thing, it’s unavailable. You just can’t have it 🙁
I actually spoke with Rachel herself about this gorgeous dress and asked if it will ever be put back into production.

The answer was pretty crazy … Buyers didn’t love this dress, so she has no plans to bring this dress back.

Since boutiques and online retailers choose not to carry this particular dress Rachel stopped making it. I told her that people online absolutely LOVE this dress. So hopefully she will consider bringing it back.

If this dress does become available I will be sure to let everyone know.

5 thoughts on “Dear Fashion Kitty, Rachel Pally Backless Dress”

  1. This actually isnt a dress its a jumper. its wide legged pants and she is bringing it back it should be available online for this season or the next.

  2. Here's the thing…you can't tell from the pic because of the hands, but I'm sure this shows a little crack…most people just don't feel comfortable wearing that

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