Dear Fashion Kitty, Pink Hair

Many of you have asked about the pink streaks in my hair (which are now half purple/ half pink), well here is how I do it:

Since my hair is chemically straightened I don’t want to bleach and color my own hair for fear that it might detach itself from my precious little skull. So I have my hair lady to take some blond extensions and dye them. Not many salons have pink colored dye on hand so I purchase my own — I have always had good luck with Manic Panic. She dyes the extensions then sews them to a tiny bunch of my hair. It takes her a good two seconds. She trims them up and I am good to go.

I recently purchased these clip-in extensions and let me tell you something … they suck. I won’t even bother linking to them because they don’t stay in for shit. Not worth the money. Just go to the salon or figure out how to sew in pinch extensions.

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  1. I love it! Seeing Lily Allens new do was a bit shocking but I love the few strands of pink.

    Btw, I tagged you. =)

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