Dear Fashion Kitty, major makeup help!

I know you’re an expert on fashion but looks like u are on make up too!

I just have a couple of questions I never get pimples and this past month I have been getting a million zits out of nowhere! I drink a lot of water, I pin up my bangs when I sleep, I only use a little bit of moisturizer in the morning (Olay) but I was wondering if you could recommend any face creams nothing for aging I just turned 20.

I also stopped wearing foundation for a bit thinking my skin would clear up, now it’s basically summer and I want to start using bronzer but something non oily, and no sparkles! and if I wear bronzer does that mean I can skip my foundation? (and just use Smashbox primer instead?) and can I/should I wear bronzer with blush? Or is it just pick one? Plus how do I do it?

Dang girl! You’ve got a lot of questions 😉 Let me see if I can help …

Pimples are a bitch, I too have pretty good skin overall but occasionally all hell breaks loose. Usually stress is to blame or the change in weather but having a great moisturizer that isn’t full of oil is always a good idea.

Smashbox Artificial Light Luminizing Lotion

Here are some of my favorite products for such a problem. Oh and don’t be afraid of anti-aging stuff because it’s never too early to start warding off wrinkles.

– To clear those pimples I use Neosporin, yep … get the lotion and not the gel or else you will just make it worse.

– To moisturize (at night) I use Olay as well. The Olay Regenerist Night Time Recovery formula is my favorite.

– To keep my face moisturized during the day I add a little of Smashbox’s Artificial Light Lotion. Not only does it scare off dry scaly skin, it adds a nice little summer glow.
Now onto your bronzer/ foundation issues. Personally, I like a little shimmer. My current routine combines Smashbox’s liquid foundation mixed in with Smashbox’s Artificial Light Lotion (I skip the primer when I do this combination). Then I use Hourglass brozer kit, which does have some shimmer in it.

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics: Bronzing Powder

For you I recommend:

– Since yo u are skipping foundation, I would go for a tinted moisturizer (this will also answer your first question). Stila makes a great one that I used to use, it even has SPF in it.

– For your bronzer I would suggest using Bobbi Brown’s bronzing powder. I use this on days when I don’t want any shimmer.

As for wearing blush with bronzer, it’s a “no”. I have tried it myself and it looks like hell.

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