Rogan for Target at Barney’s

This morning I woke up feeling surprisingly good for a Saturday morning so I decided to head over to Barney’s to see if there was anything left from the Rogan preview. I knew the chances were slim for good things to be left (and good things in my size) but I just couldn’t wait until Sunday when the collection will available at Target stores. Plus Barney’s is a bit more glamorous than Target isn’t it?

I sifted through the racks and picked up anything I could find in my size to try on. I didn’t get to try on too many things because there were mostly XL’s left. After trying a few things on I decided to buy a pair of black skinny jeans, which have lightly painted green leopard spots down the leg and I also purchased black and white leopard print booty shorts. Both pieces are really, really cute!

I am planning on going to Target tomorrow (I hope) to see if I can scrounge up some more stuff. If not I will just buy online. I felt that the clothes were cut pretty true to size and the quality is in line with Target’s other GO International collections (good but not great).

If anyone goes to Target tomorrow please leave me a comment so I can know what you bought. Oh and here are some pictures that my co-worker took when she hit the preview on Friday.

3 thoughts on “Rogan for Target at Barney’s”

  1. I didn’t go but I did buy the black jumpsuit and striped vest online though. I love those leopard shorts and almost bought those as well but the sad fact is I’m way too old to be wearing such hotpants! 🙂

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