Ridin’ Calacanis Style

I know I blog a lot about ThisNext here but mostly about “stuff” I keep the work stuff off of this blog BUT today was a particularly thrilling so I must share …

We had a pretty kick ass meeting today, which Jason Calacanis was a part of. In the meeting one of my fabulous ideas was crowned “Best Idea of the Day” so I got a prize 🙂 What was that prize you ask? No, not Christian Louboutin shoes (that would have been nice) instead I got the next best thing — a ride in the Tesla.

I mean who am I to pass up a ride in a fast car, so I hopped in the car to claim my prize. Ummm, that car is FAST! Fast like a roller coaster fast. Fast as in “I might have pissed my pants” fast (I didn’t, really … don’t go spreading rumors).

It was a fun ride.

Oh and when I say fun what I really mean is it’s fun to still be alive right now because I really thought I was gonna die for a minute there.

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