Live in L.A.? Wanna Job?

Do you love the internet?

No, no … do you LIVE FOR the internet?

If you are a social web ninja who spends more time online than you’d like to admit, then ThisNext has the job for you :

ThisNext is the premiere social shopping network on the web today (why else would I work there) and we are assembling a team of 10 people to be a part of our viral marketing campaign.

We are looking for people who live in several points of presence on the web especially those with a high degree of web 2.0/ social knowledge: social networks, blogs, micro-blogs, bookmarking sites, media share sites, message boards, forums etc. We are also looking for people with those skills in addition to knowledge of virtual worlds and massively multi-player games.

The campaign is four months long, starting in June at the end of which we will re-evaluate and take on full time hires, including the potential for management jobs on the marketing team. This is a job that could lead to a very real and viable career in the social web.

Working at ThisNext is a ton of fun and the office is 2 blocks away from the ocean … how do you beat that? So, if you are in Los Angeles and think you would be the perfect candidate, please email me at [email protected] with your resume. We are looking to fill these positions ASAP so hurry with those resumes.

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