The Hottest Jeans in Hollywood- Siwy

Seems like every time I turn around there is a new brand of premium denim just begging me to shell out $200-$300 of my hard earned cash all in the name of fashion. As a self-proclaimed denim junkie I always fall for the hype. At any given time I have close to 50 pairs of jeans in my closet, most of which are in a heap on the floor (oops). My current denim infatuation is True Religion, which is odd because I used to hate them. I blame living in L.A. for that denim obsession.

True Religion is still hot in Hollywood but there is another denim act in town that is fighting (and at the moment the winner) for the title of the “Hottest Jeans in Hollywood”. Those jeans are Siwy. A favorite brand with celebs like Kate Moss, Sienna Miller, and Nicole Ritchie. I haven’t tried them out yet but they are becoming more tempting by the second.

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