Honey I shrunk my boobs!

Seriously, where did those things go?

Last night I packed up my gym bag like I usually do and of course threw in a bra (except for that one time). When I got dressed in the locker room this morning I realized I could easily fit like 4 boobs in there, my bra was too damn big! Something had to be done … I needed new bras.

So at lunch today I headed over to Victoria’s Secret to get properly measured for a bra. After being harassed by an extremely odd salesperson to sign up for that damn Angels card, I found a normal salesperson who sized me up.

She CLAIMED I was a 34B. A ‘B’ was she out of her F&$#’n mind??? In the past year I have gone from a 34D to a 36C and now to a 34B?? No freaking way Miss Thang! Once I got over the shock of being told I am basically flat chested I picked up a bunch of bras and went into a fitting room (only to be harassed again about that damn Angels card).

Btw … My how Victoria’s Secret has changed. I found like 10 bras that were actually cute. Now thankfully when I tried them on they were a bit too small, so I got the lady to get me a bunch of 34C’s.

Yeah, much better. I just can’t handle walking around in a B. Not yet anyways.

Oh yeah, here is what I bought …

Bra #1- I picked up in black with purple and pinks roses, looks like my tat
Bra #2- I got it with pink polka dots and peace signs

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8 thoughts on “Honey I shrunk my boobs!”

  1. lol. this entry made me laugh because i had been suspecting my 32C cups to be shrinking for quite some time. I recently went into victoria’s secret and got measured. first girl said i was a 32A!!! But then i tried on my regular 32C bras and they fit so i asked another girl to measure me. …”looks like you’re still a 32C”…WHEW!

  2. Don’t take offense girls, I am totally being sarcastic. I know 34B’s aren’t flatties — it’s just a drastic drop from a girl who used to be a D.

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