Gossip Girl Fashion: Jenny’s Hoody

It’s no news that I watch Gossip Girl for the fashion. I watch, I pause, I watch, I sketch, I take notes, I scour the web … it’s quit a process but in the end isn’t it worth it. Usually for me just seeing and knowing is enough but this past week I totally fell in love with this hoody that Jenny was wearing.

MARC BY MARC JACOBS 'Building Block' Hoody

I saw that color blocked patchwork magic and knew it was Marc Jacobs. I told myself, “Lauren, if you are right and if it’s under $300 you should get it.” Well, I was right and it is under $300 ($228). I found it on Nordstrom.com and immediately put on my shoes and headed out.

I wanted to see the hoodie in person to make sure I really loved it. Here is the problem … it’s only available online, Nordstrom.com specifically. Now I am nervous and having silly doubts.

  • Is $228 too much for a hoodie? Yeah probably but I will also get a lot of wear out of it.
  • Are the colors too drab for spring? Maybe a little but I can wear this hoodie with cut off shorts and a white tank … how cute is that. Plus my office gets mad cold so I will need a hoodie.
  • Will this go on sale 5 minutes after I buy it? Or will it sell out and I will want to kick my own ass for not buying it?

Maybe I should just shut up and buy it then return it at Nordstrom if I don’t like it or if I have buyers remorse. What do you think? Clearly I need some help here.

2 thoughts on “Gossip Girl Fashion: Jenny’s Hoody”

  1. i bought it as soon as i saw it in a picture on celebritystyleguide.com. i find tons of the clothes and then tip off the site 🙂 i bought the hoodie on sale at saks for $140 and i love it. keep it because it will sell out – it got a lot of screen time and its one of the more affordable pieces from the show. you can always sell it on ebay.


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