Gossip Girl Fashion: The Boys

I pretty much never, ever talk about men or men’s fashion on this blog. I like to keep all things ‘man’ away from my pretty pink blog, there is a time and a place for everything. However, just this once I am going to break the rules because I have a major crush on Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl. I know, what am I like 13? I have a crush on a television show character. Gosh my life is starting to get out of hand isn’t it!

Whatever, crush or no crush here are some Gossip Girl fashions inspired by the over groomed men of the show … Chuck and Nate (Dan doesn’t even count he may as well be a girl to me). Enjoy!

Gossip Girl Fashion: The "Boys"

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One thought on “Gossip Girl Fashion: The Boys”

  1. wow! honesty I like fasion with bottom of my heart just imagine when you look good at a moment you fell that nothing can stand in your way.you’re confident with your out fit and I want to make a positive change to the fasion industry.

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