Fashion Kitty in the Milwaukee Journal

Check it out … I was quoted in the Milwaukee Journal today in an article about the Sex and the City Movie.

See my piece below the picture or read the complete article here>>

The progression of the “Sex” characters’ personal style was something Lauren Messiah, fashion manager for the social shopping network called, immediately thought about when she first learned the movie would be released.

“At first, my instinct was that, no, I don’t want to see these women as 40-year-olds in the same outfits and doing the same antics. . . . (I thought) people would be over it and not really care,” she said. “But now I want to see it just as much for the fashion as anything else.”

She said the reaction to movie photos she’s been posting on is a sign fans feel the same way. In February, she posted a photo of leather fingertip gloves Parker wears in the movie. More than 6,600 site members have shopped for the bizarrely chic gloves with just enough leather to cover four digits on a hand.

“It seems that people are still into the crazy stuff, whether they think Carrie’s too old for it or not,” she said.

Leather Finger Tip Gloves

Get the gloves I was yacking about at Patricia!

And I just have to ask … Would you wear these crazy finger tip gloves? I actually think I would give them a shot. I am thinking they would look hot with a cropped denim 3/4 sleeve jacket, a graphic tee, and some black skinny pants.

2 thoughts on “Fashion Kitty in the Milwaukee Journal”

  1. since I live in a hot country… hmm probably not haha. but if i lived somewhere a bit cooler i may give em a shot.. they make a fashion statement. and hey:p! “carrie” wears em in the movie.

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