Dear Fashion Kitty, Heidi Montag’s Jeans

I ran across your page & I think you might be able to help me out. I am desperately trying to find a pair of jeans for my wife Heidi Montag wore on an episode of “The Hills”…My wife has mentioned the jeans a couple of times & I would love to surprise her with them for her birthday. I believe Heidi wore the jeans on season 2.

My wife describe them as blue jeans with a Kanji inscription either sewn on the back pocket or somewhat near the back on the side of the jeans. I realize this is a long shot, please let me know if you have any ideas of what brand these could be.

Thank you so much for your time!!!

Yikes, long shot is right! If you had a picture that would be helpful but without that I am as stumped as you are. Perhaps they are Antik denim or J & Company jeans?? I really couldn’t tell you with much confidence though, so sorry.

Pictured- Antik Denim

Kittens can you help this reader in need ???

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  1. Kanji are Japanese/Chinese characters, so it has writing on it… that pair of jeans just has flowers. Definitely not Antik/those jeans.

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