Dear Fashion Kitty, College Outfits

First of all I absolutely love your blog and am a regular reader. I was wondering if you could help me out .. I need some inspiration and ideas on what I should wear to college. I am a first year college student but could really do with some well put together outfits. I’m sure you could help there! Any ideas?

Dressing for college is fun, especially in the first year. You can kind of decide what you want your style to be before you head off to a new land and go for it. It is also a time for fashion mistakes too, so tread carefully.

I remember my first year of college … I was into the party scene so I wore big ridiculous pants, tiny tees and bracelets up to my elbows. Those were the days. I looked pretty ridiculous but the one thing my outfits had were ease. I could throw them on without thinking a I looked fine (considering).

I am not advising you to dress like that, at all. What I am advising is that you dress in clothes that are easy and casual. Here is what you need:

1.) A great pair of jeans: Great jeans may be pricey but if you have a couple pairs you can take them from the classroom to the club with the quick change of a shirt. Quality jeans look less sloppy than some cheap-o jeans from Old Navy too. I recommend a trouser cut, those will look great in the classroom.

2.) Ballet flats: You know I don’t typically endorse flats but when you are running around campus they are a staple. Get a cute pair that are comfortable. You can wear them with dresses, skinny jeans, shorts … pretty much anything.

3.) Jersey, jersey, jersey: Grab up as many jersey dresses and tops as you can. They can be inexpensive and no one will really notice. Accessorize them to make them more day or to make them go into night. Added bonus, they don’t wrinkle — perfect for those all nighters.

4.) Accessories: Get hats for bad hair days (no baseball caps), giant beaded necklaces for some extra pop, and a fashionable bag to carry your laptop and books.

Here are some looks to mimic (from Net-a-Porter):

Please stay away from:

1.) Track suits
2.) Over-sized tee shirts
3.) Pajamas (you don’t know how many people in college thinks thats okay)

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