Clean eating is the only way to eat

I think you all know this by now but I love to diet. I know, that statement is sick and twisted, it barely makes sense but it’s true. I am always trying out a new fitness craze or a new way to eat, something about self torture. Whatever.

Anyways …

Ever this past October when I started working out with a trainer at Burn Fitness I have heard one thing come out of his mouth like a trillion times — “Eat Clean”. Well apparently he knows what he is talking about because it works. I have been eating clean but probably not as clean as possible, so I picked up this book to help me along: The Eat-Clean Diet: Fast Fat-Loss that lasts Forever!

The book is great, it mostly just hammers in the stuff we already know … lean protein, “good” carbs, fruits and veggies, plenty of water but I also learned about somethings that I didn’t know before — stuff about supplements.

I have been curious about supplements for a while but was a little too unclear to really “go there”. After reading this book I went to Whole Foods and bought some of the favorites from the book.

This more I made my supplement rich protein shake and let me tell you … it was the bomb. Now taste-wise it was no Jamba Juice but really, Jamba is just pure sugar and shit. My shake was tasty, gave me insane amounts of energy, and kept my hunger away for hours.

Go clean eating!! I will return to normal fashion content in a moment 😉

Clean Eating 101

I am a self proclaimed diet junkie but really the only way to live is clean.

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2 thoughts on “Clean eating is the only way to eat”

  1. I’m a diet junkie too! Although most of the books, videos, etc. are things we already know…I just can’t resist! Good to know I’m not the only one.

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