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Aside from the always-entertaining high school drama, the best thing about CW’s Gossip Girl is the fashion. If you are just dying to know where to get Blair’s argyle sweater or who designed Serena’s gorgeous leather jacket, then you need to tune in to ThisNext.

Starting today, through May 28, I will be answering your Gossip Girl fashion questions on ThisNext’s special Gossip Girl page. Simply submit a compliment to FashionKitty (that’s me) that includes your question. On May 28, your questions will be answered on ThisNext’s Gossip Girl Fashion page.

You can of course always ask me questions by email [email protected] — just put “Dear Fashion Kitty” as the subject line. I will answer your questions here on AFK and on ThisNext.

0 thoughts on “Ask me about Gossip Girl”

  1. Hey friend!
    I’ve been hearing so much about Gossip Girl, but I can’t bring myself to watch it. I do, however, check out stills of the show because the clothes really are TDF. I feel like, at 25, I’m too old for a high school show. Is it worth my time anyway? I don’t want to judge what I’ve never seen.

  2. It’s a GREAT show. Such a guilty pleasure. I am 27 and I get upset if I miss an episode … then I got pay $1.99 for it on itunes. So yes, it’s worth your time.

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