Window shopping on Madison Ave

After my meetings wrapped for the day I had a choice to make: go to the gym then come back and get some work done or go shopping. Decisions, decisions. After weighing out my options I finally went with shopping. I mean after all walking in New York is a total workout and shopping is my job! So shopping was the natural winner.

I didn’t really know where to go but I knew one thing … I wanted to go to Betsey Johnson. My hotel is on Madison unfortunately it was 3.1 miles away from Betsey. I decided to just walk down Madison to see what I might find.

Too bad I ended up walking ALL the way to Betsey (and back) with some Park Ave detours along the way. Did I mention I did all of this in 5 inch heels? My feet are f-ing killing me. It’s the next day and I can barely walk. Oh well it was totally worth it.

Here are some window pictures from some fabulous stores. Photos of my sweet Betsey Johnson purchase will be in the next post. Stay tuned.

** btw – I almost fainted in Christian Louboutin, everything was WAY too fabulous.

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