Trend Alert: Give Peace a Chance

Peace out bitches! Flashing the peace sign has a whole new meaning since a slew of peace- related products have the hit market. When I first saw this trend start to rear it’s hippie-head almost a year ago I got scared, really scared. Now I pretty much said “f-it” … who doesn’t love a little peace?

My favorite peace product is the Omni Peace tee shirt, which can be purchased at Kitson and Fred Segal (I am sure other places too). I want one of those bad boys so bad. Not sure why I haven’t bought one yet (stupid me). I also like the peace sign scarf (top right) that is also being sold at Kitson for a cool $38.

Sounds like a have a trip down Robertson in my future.

Anyhow … here are some more peace related products for you to feast your eyes and wallets on.

Trend Alert: Give Peace a Chance

Peace signs are all the rage right now. As cheesy and hippie-like as they are … I am willing to give this trend a chance.

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