Subversive for Target

I finally lifted my ban against Target. It wasn’t that Target did anything wrong it’s just that every time I walk in for say contact solution, I walk out $100 poorer. I had to give my wallet a break so I banned myself from the premises for over a month.

Today I needed deodorant and walked out $120 poorer (and that was after putting like 10 things back).


The things that really broke the bank were the things that I didn’t need at all — more jewelry. As I was milling around I saw Target’s new collection by Justin Giunta called Subversive. The collection is really freaking cool, with prices ranging from $14.99 to $59.99. I picked up 2 pieces then had to quickly run away before I bought more (Target makes me buy things in large volumes).

I settled on this great bee necklace for $39.99 and this extra long beaded necklace for $19.99. I plan on wearing the bee necklace with my new Rachel Pally fitted bra top and the beaded necklace with the Rachel Pally green tie front tube top.

Fun times at Target, shame the ban is back on.

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