Shopbop hearts ThisNext

When I opened my Shopbop newsletter I was delighted to see that ThisNext got some major love. The newsletter was highlighting Shopbop’s newest feature, which makes it easy to add Shopbop products to a variety of social networks … including ThisNext!!

Now when you shop on Shopbop and see those shoes that make you swoon or that dress that causes you to deprive yourself of carbs for 3 weeks just to look fabulous in, you can broadcast it to the world using a your favorite social network.

In honor of this awesomeness, here are some of the products from my ThisNext list of my favorite products from Shopbop.

Kitty's ShopBop Finds

See more of my Kitty’s ShopBop Finds list at ThisNext.

3 thoughts on “Shopbop hearts ThisNext”

  1. oh wow that’s awesome… considering half my recs are from shopbop. They should give thisnexter’s a discount code too…. hehe

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