Rachel Pally Sample Sale Goodies

My preferred method of therapy is definitely retail. Yeah I know, breaking news huh? Today I gathered up whatever energy/ sanity that I had left after one hell of a weekend and headed down to the Rachel Pally Sample Sale.

First of all, I would like to hand out a big f-you to Google Maps for getting me lost in the slums of downtown L.A. — please don’t tell me to get off of an exit that doesn’t exist, it was not appreciated. Anyways, after driving aimlessly downtown in hopes we would just land at the sale my friend and I arrived at the sale.

The Rachel Pally Sample Sales never disappoints me and always puts my miserableness on hold (temporarily, it usually comes back after a few hours). Let’s just say that I made out like a fat rat … I LOVE everything that I bought.

Here is what I left with:

  • Yellow bandeau top
  • Green tie front tube top
  • Green and navy blue striped dress
  • Green headband

Oh but scroll down, I bought more than this …

  • Printed bubble skirt (worn higher on the waist)
  • Fitted bra tank in black
  • Gray with dots belt/ headband

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