Gossip Girl Style Episode 14: Jenny Humphrey

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I hope you all watched last night’s episode of Gossip Girl! I sure did, twice actually … thank you Tivo! The first thing I noticed was that little Jenny Humphrey has really stepped up her fashion game. I mean after all she is in a new social class so it is so necessary.

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** Warning- spoilers below if you missed last nights episode **

My question is how the hell can she afford this stuff? If you watched the episode you saw the desperate measures she went through to get a damn dress. But really you can’t tell me that hawking a sewing machine, a lamp, and some cheap jewelry could get a Valentino bag, Moschino shoes, Juicy Couture socks, and a slew of other expensive duds.

Ah hell, what do I care the clothes look good so let me just shut up and let you all shop the look:

Gossip Girl Style: Jenny Humphrey

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2 thoughts on “Gossip Girl Style Episode 14: Jenny Humphrey”

  1. i wondered about all the expensive clothes too.. who cares though, she’s cuter with them!
    and i love her new haircut. i’d do my hair like that if i was blonde, but im brunette, so i think it just wouldn’t be as cute.

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