Geek glasses, would you wear them?

Charlotte Ronson NY fashion week spring 2008

Geek chic look from Charlotte Ronson

After seeing them go across the runways in New York and L.A. — I have been rocking the nerd glasses lately. I don’t know why but the geek chic look is kinda fun. What do you think? Would you or have you rocked a pair of nerd glasses (whether you needed them or not?) Drop it in comments section please … I am dying to know.

Fall 2008 Fashion: Geek Glasses

Being a geek has never been so cool. Big dorky reading glasses were all over the runway for the past two seasons so whether you have 20/20 vision or not — it’s time to get geeky.

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5 thoughts on “Geek glasses, would you wear them?”

  1. I used to wear the ultimate nerd glasses, and then had my eyes lasered about a year ago. It was fantastic, but I completely underestimated how much I’d miss having the glasses option. There’s a good chance I’ll invest in a pair with clear glass some time soon.

  2. I have perfect vision but I own 2 pairs of “glasses”. One is plain black, the other has blue sides. I got them at Claire’s for like $10 total, no joke.

  3. I love them! And I say everyone should have at least one…

    I’ve been searching for a pair dat goes with my face but haven’t been able to find one yet…I have a round face with super high cheekbones…it sucks when I want to look for glasses..any help?

  4. I need glasses, so i have some cute blue rectangular-ish ones. but I think it’s kind of lame when people wear “geek glasses” without needing them. like, thats just too much and trying too hard. i love jewelry and accessories, dont get me wrong, but i’d just feel really silly wearing those.

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