Dear Fashion Kitty, Gossip Girl Red Coat

I’m desperately looking for Gossip Girl-Blair Waldorf’s red coat from the thin line between Chuck and Nate episode, when she is at the helicopter. Do you know where it’s from? Or if there’s an awfully similar one out there? And which preferably won’t send me broke?

Thanks heaps, your blog is the best!

Yeah, this one is a toughy since the scene was shot in the dark and there was so much hugging and crying it was hard to see the coat. I also couldn’t find a photo anywhere 🙁 I did find a few options for you:

  1. Priorities red cotton ‘Angelina’ belted trenchcoat $96

  2. Theory Pleated Wool Long Jacket & Skinny Ankle Pants – Contemporary on sale for $243

  3. McQ By Alexander McQueen red wool melton toggle coat on sale for $289 (was $600)

Gossip Girl Fashion: Blair's Red Coat

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