Dear Fashion Kitty, Gossip Girl Blair fashion

I am absolutely in love with all of Blair’s clothes on the show! Me and my friend re actually dressing up as Blair and Serena for an event this week. I have to go get an outfit but I’ve had no luck finding anything like either of the outfits I like. Help me please! here are the two outfits that Blair wears that i love to death!
The other picture wont let me copy it, since its copyrighted but the link is here>

You certainly came to the right person. Check out my list on ThisNext which has pretty much everything Blair has ever worn on her back!

Gossip Girl Fashion: Blair Waldorf

Since this is for a costume party, I wouldn’t advise spending as much as these outfits really cost. Head over to a school uniform supply store for the basics (skirt, tie), go to Target for the tights, and check out vintage stores or cheapy stores like Forever 21 for the pieces you can’t find at the school uniform store.

Good luck and send me pictures of your final look 🙂

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