Dear Fashion Kitty, Dog name help!

I’m a fan of your blog and recently read your posts on what to name your new cats. As I am in a similar situation myself, I decided it may be a good idea to ask for your advice. I just adopted a small chocolate lab which at the moment has the name Harry (given to him by the shelter I adopted him from). It’s a new name for him so he’s not responding to it yet, so I thought it would be okay to change it. He is about 2 with crazy fur (some short patches, some long) and tan and green eyes with splotches of brown. I’m a huge fan of fashion, classic movies, actors, and singers, retro things, and I watch a lot of movies and tv.

I love the names for your cats but Harry is a male dog so it’s little harder to come up with a name. He’s also a little shy but has a great doggie smile, in case that helps. Thanks!

Okay, my apologies for JUST getting this — it landed in my Spam folder. I am sure your dog is named and happy by now but let’s just get my 2 cents for the hell of it.

The first thing I thought when I saw your dog was Cary, as in Cary Grant. Don’t know why just did.

Readers (aka my kittens) what do you think this dog’s name should be?

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