Dear Fashion Kitty, Discount Chanel Bag

I know you prob get this question all the time but anywhere I can find a discounted Chanel bag or do you know whats the cheapest Chanel bag is?

Finding a discount Chanel bag is no easy task, well finding a real Chanel bag on a discount anyways. I would suggest heading to a trusted vintage shop, there you can probably find one for (slightly) less. You may also want to hop on over to an outlet store like Off 5th (Sak’s outlet) and Barney’s outlet store — the chances are slim but you never know.

I would also advise against just buying the cheapest Chanel bag. If you really, really want one — save up. Or start small with a wallet, everyone loves a great wallet.

Good luck and if any readers know of a place … leave it in the comments section.

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