Dear Fashion Kitty, Cashmere Mafia Earrrings

Where can I find the round, blue sapphire earrings that Juliette wore on Cashmere Mafia, on the 2/14 episode? She was wearing all black and those blue earrings…wow! I also liked Mia’s purple drop earrings in that episode too.

Unfortunately most of the earrings on Cashmere Mafia are vintage. I am constantly on the hunt for giganticly awesome earrings. I usually scour the bargain stores like Loehmann’s or I head to Betsey Johnson (she has some big ones).

Check out these blue sapphire earrings that I think are pretty darn cool …

Here are some earrings from the show and a few that are inspired by the show Cashmere Mafia.

Cashmere Mafia Fashion: Big Earrings

See more of my Cashmere Mafia Fashion: Big Earrings list at ThisNext.

Also for future TV fashion requests, it’s really helpful if you include photos. Thx kittens.

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