Dear Fashion Kitty, Blair’s headband?

I have been trying to find out where to get the black floral headband that Blair Waldorf wore in the pilot episode.

I have been unable to find a decent photo of it, but the best one I could find is attached.

I also saw your post on ThisNext about dress forms. I have been trying to find one for ages without spending $400-$500. But I am petite 5’2″ and approx size 16. Any suggestions?

Let me address your dress form question first. I bought my first dress form in college and paid about $35o for a professional brand new one. Later that year my school sold some from the 70’s for about $25 each! So the point is, you can get them for less. However those forms are about a size 4. You can go to fabric stores like Jo-Anns and get some for pretty cheap (use a coupon) and they are fully adjustable so they can fit any size. Hope that was helpful.

On to your Gossip Girl request, the picture is hard to tell but I think these too are close and pretty darn cool.

"afk headband" recommendations at ThisNext

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