Cheap Turned Chic – Forever 21 Club Clothes

Since I have been really hitting the party circuit I have found that my small amount of “party” clothes have run out. Due to my phobia of repeating outfits (at least outfits were photos will be taken), I need new party clothes.

I can’t justify paying hundreds of dollars on a single dress that will be worn once and during that wearing will probably have Red Bull spilled on it and will be burned by a passing cigarette. I need cheap and I need to be able to make it chic.

So guess where I went?

I went to the most horrifying place on earth because my friend simply loves it … Forever 21. Gasp, the horror, I know. I did manage to find 3 cute tops that I have declared dresses. They were all about $20 and I have to say, they look pretty good.

Here are some pictures of me trying them on looking (while like a hot mess) right before bed last night.

What do you think?

11 thoughts on “Cheap Turned Chic – Forever 21 Club Clothes”

  1. I really like dress #2

    FYI, that google maps thing slows down my browser to 1996 dial up speeds. I started typing this at 9pm and its 10pm now. ha, just kidding but I went out last weekend a couple friends of mine were looking really nice and 2 of 4 all had some forever 21 items on.

  2. Your butt looks amazing in the first one. I really love the beading on the second one. The third most definitely says, “come hither”

  3. I love how d first one shows off your butt and d open back concept…and d gem stones(?) on second one totally bring dat one out…

  4. those are all reaaaally cute, i never would have guessed they were from forever21 (okay, maybe the first one..)

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