Call me baby! Shopping at Betsey Johnson

Betseyville call me purse

After walking miles and miles to my shopping mecca, Betsey Johnson, I knew I wasn’t leaving empty handed.

The Madison Ave Betsey Johnson is nothing like my fabulous Melrose location but it was Betsey all the same, so I was in heaven. I scoured the racks and found some lovely leopard print goodies, a few amazing cupcake dresses, fab pink glitter polly pumps (damn them for not having my size), and the best purse in the world.

The ‘Call Me’ purse.

For a mere $65 I now own the best purse in the world. The phone on the top even unhooks so you can “talk” on it. Great little distraction while drinking at the bar and I found it’s a good way to pick up men. Just saying.

8 thoughts on “Call me baby! Shopping at Betsey Johnson”

  1. Just saw a pink one like that in the April Elle…I want a vintage telephone like that…a rotary phone!

  2. i think i remember seeing a vintage purse like that, only you could plug it in and it actually made calls! yours is pretty cool too though 🙂

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