Ode to Betsey

Yesterday I got my 4th tattoo and this one has to be the most bad-a$$ of them all (it’s my first color tattoo).

Before I get into it let me walk you through the history of tattoos …

#1- is on my wrist and by the far the most special of them all — it’s sentimental and all that happy jazz but it also started the chain reaction that happens when you get tattoos … you want more and more!

#2- on hip area. The symbol for Scorpio (little M with the arrow). I am way into astrology and I am a hardcore Scorpio … so watch out bitches.

#3- 5 stars on my stomach. I guess it was still in line with the whole astrology thing plus I wanted something on my stomach to constantly remind me to keep my stomach from turing into a hot mess. No one wants staaaaaars (= stretched out star tattoo).

and now ….

#4- rose on my back. This rose is based off of the roses that Betsey Johnson uses on her prints. You know I am a die hard Betsey girl for life and now its printed on my back! I am going to expand on this tattoo soon by adding a few rose buds trailing down from my shoulder.

So yeah, I am crazy but I freaking love this tattoo! It took about an hour to get done and the guy was great. For any fellow LA girls I got it done (and 3 out of my 4 tattoos) at Studio City Tattoo. Noah did my tattoo — he was great.

8 thoughts on “Ode to Betsey”

  1. Love it! Yeah, I don’t get the phenomenon about getting one tattoo then getting a ton more. I got my second last month, and I’m planning my third! Crazy.

  2. Wow, thats a really pretty rose! I’ve seriously been thinking about getting a tattoo, but I’ll have to wait 2 more years until I’m 18 or else my parents say they won’t pay for college 😉
    You should post pictures of your other ones!

  3. The colour is awesome! I’m normally not a fan of coloured tatt’s – but that one is great!!!
    Very lady like!
    Which one hurt the most?!?!

  4. Congrats and keep up the spirit! sooner or later you’ll get tired of’em, I speak from experience 😉

    Don’t get angry thinking about that, just take my word for it. Life has its strange ways of twisting things.

  5. I love d rose! Now you are making me wanna have tattoos(!)…I always talk myself out of it coz I’m a scardy cat…but everytime I see someone got a new tatt, d craving will surface!..did it hurt a lot?..

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