Get the Lipstick Jungle Look: Victory Ford


Victory Ford is my favorite character on the NBC show Lipstick Jungle. She is a fashion designer on the show so naturally she has some killer pieces in her wardrobe.

I would describe her style as girly-chic — she mixes classic pieces with funky ones and always seems to look great. Some of Victory’s favorite designers seem to be Peter Som, Giuseppe Zanotti, and even some lower priced contemporary pieces like L.A.M.B.

You can get Victory’s look just by checking out ThisNext’s Lipstick Jungle Fashion page here>>

Lipstick Jungle Fashion: Victory Ford

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4 thoughts on “Get the Lipstick Jungle Look: Victory Ford”

  1. MissKitty I need your help…what to wear to Fashion in the Park here in Dallas? Can I still wear a voluminous top and skinny jeans w/ pointy toe heels?????

  2. Juicy Couture Skirted Trench caught my attention. The color was great and the design itself was awesome. Very fashionable. Its not the usual style of Coat

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