Dear Fashion Kitty, Leggings help

So earlier you instructed a reader to skip leggings to avoid looking like a dated mess–I don’t particularly like leggings that stop at the shin or ankle but I’m really digging wearing tights under skirts and dresses with super fab shoes…out of curiosity, do you consider tights and leggings one-in-the-same? Are both a fashion faux pas now-a-days? (Despite the fact that it’s a million degrees in March in LA right now and there is almost no need).

Tights and leggings are so not the same. Not at all. I am a huge fan of tights and, shamefully, I like leggings too in the right setting. Black opaque tights are my personal favorite and a great way to wear some of your spring/summer pieces now. By next fall it will be all about colored tights. Red, purple, gray, teal, you name it, were walking down the runways in New York and L.A.

(pictured- Pucci inspired tights)

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