Dear Fashion Kitty, Cashmere Mafia Purse

I think you’re the only one who can help me regarding Cashmere Mafia, so far on the internet you are the only one who seems to know what they are talking about as for what is featured on the show.

On the episode the Deciders I think it’s episode 4, the character Zoe meets the character Juliet at the bar in the last half of the episode. Zoe has this red purse with two front pockets, it appears to have double straps + one long chain strap if I remember correctly. I think it might be patent leather, I’m not sure.

Would you happen to know the brand? I saw the bag in a flash and immediately fell in love with it and I can’t seem to find it anywhere.

Hi there,

I watched the episode The Decider’s like 5 times online trying spot this bag … After the 5th time I realized there is no such bag but it looks like there is. Check it out, in this grab Zoe has a red shopping bag and a white chained purse in the same bag. In the quick flash it looks like one magically fabulous bag.

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