Dear Fashion Kitty, Cashmere Mafia Black Sweater Fur Sleeves

I noticed you seem to be quite the connoisseur of the fashions on Cashmere Mafia. Where can I find the sweater or something like it on Lucy Lui (black turtleneck with leopard print FUR sleeves… : ) It is a have to have! Can you help? Please and thank-you.

Cashmere Mafia Fashion: Mia's Leopard Sweater

Ugh, I looked high and low and came up short but that’s nothing a little craftiness can’t fix. Take an inexpensive ribbed turtleneck sweater and a cheap leopard scarf … get out your needle and thread, then go crazy.

Kate Moss | Leopard Print Scarf at ASOS

Leopard scarves are all the rage right now, especially for spring. Hard to believe that a scarf would be in vogue for spring but it is one of the # trends in accessories. Grab a light weight on like this to update your look.

For the Cashmere Mafia look … get crafty and cut this up to make Lucy Liu’s sweater with leopard sleeves. The scarf is like $9 so you can afford to tear it up.

Design History black stretch rib button detail turtleneck

It might seem strange to think about buying a black ribbed turtleneck now but it’s actually the perfect time. Now that it is March you can get a great one on sale, since it’s a classic piece its a great investment to get more than one.

And for the Cashmere Mafia look you can sew on some leopard print fabric to the sleeves to get the Mia Mason look.

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