Dear Fashion Kitty, Cashmere Mafia Necklace

Hey I was wondering if you know who the black choker necklace is by on the blonde girl in this weeks Cashmere Mafia episode? She is wearing it in the scene when she meets Lucy Lui and the other brunette in the park before they go to meet Juliette. I figured you could find out because you are Fashion Kitty!

Hi there,

Thanks for the question. I am not positive if this is the choker you are talking about … believe it or not I do all of my Fashion Kitty magic without the power of Tivo, so it’s hard me to sketch all of the looks out when I watch the show and/or store them in my pea brain to the exact detail.

This choker here that Caitlin wore in vintage, however I did find this cool choker by Kenneth Jay Lane that has a similar feel to it but it’s much less dramatic.

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