Crazy has a new name

and it’s name is Fashion Kitty …

Life has been a bit crazy for me lately so please excuse my lack of posting. I will be back to normal in no time, I promise.

Just to give you a visual of my state of mind right now here is a break down of what I am wearing (fashion is really the only way I can explain how I feel). I am contained and inside my house so I guess it’s not that crazy but here you go …

  • Primp thermal leggings with horses on them
  • High heels from Patricia Field
  • Hot pink leopard print bra from Victoria’s Secret

and that’s it!

I am sitting my crazy ass down doing my taxes and seeing that the majority of my income goes to the following places:

  • Betsey Johnson
  • Loehmann’s
  • DSW

The tax stuff isn’t what is making me crazy, it’s just adding to it. So anyways off I go. More from me later.

Love you kittens!

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