Cat #2 Named!

After calling cat #2 Marilyn, Coco, Audrey and Edie for two days with no response I knew I had to come up something and fast — but what? The poor cat had to be getting jealous since her sister had a name and I kept referring to her as #2.

#2 is pretty, a little curvier than Mia (cat #1), is all about the lavender cat spray I bought for her, and wants to be brushed 24/7 — so I figured her to be a girly sex kitten and not a skinny little bad ass like Mia.

I went down the list of Hollywood sex kittens and Bridgitte Bardot came to mind. Bridgette is the perfect match for my kitty — she is a sex kitten with a softer side.

Cat #1 – Mia

Cat #2- Bridgitte

Here are some pictures of Bridgitte

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