Who are these so called friends?

This morning I rolled over to check my Blackberry as I always do because you know after a long night without clutching him, er … uh my Blackberry, we need some quality time together in the morning. Okay enough about my strange dependency with overworking myself and technology — this is the email I get from Facebook this morning:

Here is what your friends think about…

… your strengths:

  • best singer
  • best roommate
  • most outgoing

… your weaknesses:

  • most talkative
  • toughest

Gee whiz! Thanks Facebook for letting me know my strength and weakness (as seen by my “friends”) at 6:00am this morning. Nothing like finding out that my own web friends think I suck because I am tough as nails and will talk about it all day long. Since when is being tough and talkative a weakness? I find them to be my biggest strengths actually.

While we are on the topic I am none to thrilled with my “strengths” either. Singing!?! I haven’t sung a note, like, ever! I even lip synced during my 4th grade school play, my parents called me out on it too.

Best roommate? I HATE living with people. In college I shared a room with 2 girls one in which was a disgustingly dirty hippie. I actually threw the week old pizza that she left in the hallway on her bedroom pillow. Who would want to live with me (even though she deserved that shit)?

Most outgoing? Well yes that one is true. I am pretty outgoing now aren’t I? Shoes by Roberto Cavalli

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