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What Kitty Wants Now- February 08

Burberry Prorsum Jumbo Paillette Top

This top takes the sequin craze to the max! It’s almost like Burberry is mocking the trend. Did I mention that I love mocking? A great top for a night on the town, just be sure to keep EVERYTHING else simple or else you will look like a freaked-up Vegas show girl.

Vivienne Westwood Red Label Sarah Bernhard satin dress

I have to own a Vivienne Westwood dress before I am 30. Pretty odd goal huh? But whatever, I am a girl who gets what she wants. This dress is sexy but the color and the shape makes it appropriate for many different events.

Anna Sui Dot print dress

I love Anna Sui’s clothes, even though I don’t own any of her pieces. They are always so fun and cute, like this little polka-dot dress. I will take one of these for my Spring 08 wardrobe.

DOLCE&GABBANA Oversized frame sunglasses

Call me crazy (or picky) but I have the hardest time finding sunglasses that look good on my face. I really want a pair of over-sized glasses that work on me. I am hoping these are the ones because they are so cute in the picture.

Yaya Aflalo

The front of this top is hip but the back of this top is sexy as all get out baby! It’s a racer-back but not one of those tough, sporty ones … it’s a patterned, drapey, fun racer-back. A perfect Spring time top AND the racer-back trend is going to head into the Fall too, so be on the look out for that.

Love Ya Ya – Caper Decade Hoodie

Sometimes people ask me if I ever just wear sweats. Well the answer is “no” but I do wear sweatshirts, stylish ones with stylish jeans … this one is next on my list. Love Ya-ya makes fun pieces that are comfortable and aren’t too painful on the wallet. A lot of the times I can find their stuff at places like Loehmann’s.

Christian Louboutin – Mad Mary Suede Mary Janes

I can’t help but to be corny but I am mad about these “Mad Mary” Louboutins. A Mary Jane has never looked this sexy. I must own these shoes, shame they are $865.

L.A.M.B. ‘Signature’ French Wallet

This wallet doesn’t match the LAMB that I have now but that’s totally okay because different is good. This one is fun and had a nice shape, the only downside is the price. Anyone looking to get Fashion Kitty a Valentine, this would be a good one.

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  1. Those Louboutins are the most gorgeous, the most amazing shoes ever! They would go perfect with my spiked Miu Miu bag. Must have now!

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