Sweet, Sweet Kitty Fame: Kurt the Cyber Guy

For those of you in Los Angeles, New York City, Denver, Grand Rapids, or Chicago (and probably dozens of other cities) who were watching the CW at 7:45 this morning — you probably saw me on television.

I did a spot for Kurt the Cyber Guy about ThisNext, social shopping, and blogging. I can’t even watch it without cringing because the sound of my own voice makes me want to vomit BUT I am sharing the video with you anyways.

Enjoy. Be nice. I am fragile.

8 thoughts on “Sweet, Sweet Kitty Fame: Kurt the Cyber Guy”

  1. hey i like your site. i loove your hair. i just got mine cut like that too. except the lady wouldn’t make it shorter in the back like yours (she refused when i asked. i hate it when stylists tell you no. it is my own hair afterall). im gonna try to crop it myself, haha. eeks.

    you think patent leather shoes, like the lovely louboutins in the previous entry will be in style after the spring? im thinking of getting a pair but don’t want to spend the cash if it’s going out after spring…

    thanks and im bookmarking your site =)

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