Spring Fashion 2008: Must Have Shoes

It used to be the height of a heel that made a shoe stand out in a crowd but now it’s all about how crazy you can get ’em. Spring 2008 shoes are taking stilettos to a whole new level with jeweled, caged, flowered, bubbled and bowed heels.

Out of all of the crazy heels I like jeweled heels the most. Miuccia Prada is my go-to girl for jeweled heels with her Miu Miu line. Choose from tiny crystal covered heels or go with something more decadent like a pair of killer silver spiked heel with a jeweled upper portion. But Miuccia isn’t only about jewels … so if flower is more your power try these tulip heels from Prada’s collection, they will certainly add a little spring to your step (cheesy, I know).

With these shoes the heels aren’t the only crazy part, the prices are pretty loopy too. Most of these shoes are well over $600 but fear not, with any trend the designs will trickle down to an affordable retailer near you.

4 thoughts on “Spring Fashion 2008: Must Have Shoes”

  1. Sorry, I think those all are fugly. Even manolo doesnt like the Louboutains.
    The pradas are passable since i like the naked toe. I can’t imagine looking in my closet and seeing those next year and still wanting to wear them.

  2. I like a heel that makes a statement, in a subtle way. So I would have to agree that heels with jeweled details are appealing but anything more I believe is too trendy and excessive.

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