Oh fun! I’ve been tagged

My dear blogging buddy Hope Roberston tagged me and who am to say no to a challenge … er, I mean talking about myself??

1. What is the story behind the name of your blog?

It’s so random, but I can remember the day my blog was officially born. My boyfriend at the time was doing his fantasy football draft and I was bugging him, trying to come up with a name for my blog. When it comes to men and football it’s best not to bug but I don’t like following boy-rules. I rattled off name after name until I came up with Fashion Kitty. He laughed, which meant “oh baby that’s adorable” — so I went with it.

And no, those smokes aren’t mine (I crashed someone’s table). Kitties don’t smoke, it’s freaking nasty!

2. Why did you start blogging in the first place?

I started blogging because I was so pissed at myself for winding up as an executive assistant after successfully obtaining a degree in Fashion Design. I HAD to have fashion in my life and blogging was the way to do it. Looking back, I am so glad I picked this route.

3. What is your best blogging experience? Your worst?

Best: Hmm … it’s all so good. Fashion Kitty has opened a lot of doors for me and has introduced me to some great people.

Worst: It’s introduced me to some freaks too!

4. What do you think will happen to your blog in 2008?

Hopefully a redesign … any blog designers looking for work?? Email me 😉

Oh … guess I have to tag someone: Let’s go with My Purple World

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  1. Fashion Kitty, just wanted to stop by and tell you I’m a fan and that I enjoyed reading about how your blog got started!

    Oh – and I love your outfits! So cute!

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