J and Company Jeans Rock My World

J & Company Beverly Pinstripe Jeans

All of this working out has paid off for me, which basically means I have yet another excuse to go shopping. This weekends mission was to get all new jeans.

During my shopping expedition I came across these pinstriped J & Company jeans. I am a denim junkie and I hadn’t heard of this brand. J Brand, yes but J & Company, no. I decided to be daring and tried them on.

Love them!

They fit beautifully, have a sweet low rise, and the back pocket detail is h-o-t. I am planning on getting a few more pairs. I tried on a black pair with skulls on the pocket which were awesome, only problem was they weren’t quite my size. Damn the man!

3 thoughts on “J and Company Jeans Rock My World”

  1. J & Co. is one of my favorite denim brands. Sometimes Loehmann’s, the Saks Outlet, and Nord. Rack sell them for $60!

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