Help Me Name My Kitties

You would think a girl like myself who calls herself Fashion Kitty would already have a house full of cats — but I don’t. I haven’t had a cat since college but tomorrow I will be the proud new mother of two Bengal tiger kitties. I don’t have pictures yet but I have seen them are they are adorable!! One is really wild and the other one is quiet and tame. They are mostly black and gray with a striped backs and polka dot bellies … oh and green eyes.

Anyways … I need to name them.

I have a list of names that are in pairs but they can be mixed and matched. If you would be so kind as to comment with your favorite names I would love you forever (like I already do).

  • Blair and Serena … as in the Gossip Girls
  • Edie and Marilyn … going all Warhol with Edie Sedgwick and Marilyn Monroe
  • Holly and Chloe … Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Chloe b/c I like it
  • Kitty and Cat … Kitty b/c well that’s me and Cat from Breakfast at Tiffany’s
  • Cady and Regina George … from Mean Girls

I am also welcoming suggestions so comment away!

12 thoughts on “Help Me Name My Kitties”

  1. CONGRATS!! =)

    I like Holly & Chloe (I’ve always loved the name Chloe too!).

    Kitty & Cat is cute. We have a cat named Cat and everyone seems to be confused when we tell them her name.

    I always wanted to name a cat Cashmere (but that not fit a Bengal).

    I like funny names like Marbits (the Lucky Charms wiki says that the marshmallow bits are called marbits, don’t know if that’s true, but it’s a funny name.

    Oh, and Paperweight is what we call my parents-in-law’s cat – guess what he does best. Sometimes it’s easier to name them after their arrival – some kitties name themselves!

    Please post pics as soon as you can!

  2. Marilyn and Chloe are the names that stick out to me.

    We have 3 kitties, there names are: Kate, Zoey, & Chester.

    Can’t wait to see pictures of them.

  3. Yay for being a new cat momma! My roommate/gay husband and I recently adopted 4-month-old kittens. We named ours Olive and Feta. Here’s some other name suggestions:

    *Pocki and Yum-Yum (my roommate’s orginal idea… but then we decided on food).

    *Dolce & Gabbana

    *Louis and Vuitton

    *Mary-Kate and Ashley 😛

  4. my personal faves are kitty and cat.
    my 2nd choice would be cady and regina… but all of your selections are good so you really can’t go wrong

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