Dear Fashion Kitty, Yellow

I am having a major fashion problem….When is yellow okay, and when is it too much. I recently bought a pair of adorable yellow flats. I usually wear them with my dark denim skinny jeans and a little white tee, or another minimal colored top. I saw this HUGE yellow bag ( I am a sucker for oversized bags) in the same hue as my flats.

Would it be okay to pair these two yellow items together as long as I keep my outfit minimal? I don’t want to walk around looking like I am trying too hard to make the yellow work.

Yellow bracelet by Tarina Tarantino

Yellow is hot, it has been hot for quite a few seasons and it was ALL over the runway for Fall 2008 — so get the yellow bag, no question. As for pairing that bag with the shoes, it’s all about your personal style. No one is going to turn their nose up at you if you match, in fact some believe that that is the proper way. For me I wouldn’t go there because I try avoid being too matchy, matchy at all costs.

I would wear dark skinny jeans with a 70’s style (also in vogue for 2008) floral top with the great big yellow bag and neutral flats.

Just remember in ’08 there is never such a thing as too much yellow.

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  1. The lucite jewelry at Tarina Taratino is so hot every season, you can’t go wrong. I agree that yellow is great this season but it’s great to pair yellow flats with a chunky bracelet like this in a fun color like purple or teal.

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