Dear Fashion Kitty, Serena’s Necklace

I came across your blog and found it very useful in helping me get some of Gossip girls inspired clothes. I was wondering do you have any idea who makes the Y drop necklace that Serena wore to the masquerade ball with her yellow Valentino dress? I have been searching everywhere for it. It’s in the episode “Handmaiden’s Tale” here is a photo of the necklace. Can you find something that looks similar to it? Thank you very much!

Here are some great necklaces that will give you the same look:

  • This one by is a bit more delicate that hers but still have the Y shape and the bauble at the end.
  • This pearl drop Y necklace is kind of interesting too at $270.
  • I HIGHLY recommend searching vintage stores for something like this. I bet you find something much cooler and much cheaper 🙂

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